A naturally crafted dreamcatcher

Our craftsman Pedro transforms liana vines of native American plant species into a beautiful and unique dreamcatcher for us. This year, in 2024, protect your dreams, attract positive vibes and add an unusual and elegant feature to your bedroom.

Our most recent Unique species launch is much more than a decorative object: it’s a deep-rooted desire, channelling the positive energy of your home. The dreamcatcher is handcrafted rooted in indigenous origins with hundreds of years of history and charged spiritual energy: according to tradition it’s a talisman to protect our dreams and ward off nightmares and bad vibrations.

When it’s made with such loving attention, the way that Pedro (our craftsman) manages to infuse the dreamcatcher with a special aura and good vibrations it evokes loving handicraft know-how.







The White liana or “Vitis tiliifolia” is a vegetable organism that can grow to hundreds of metres in length. It occurs naturally in the form of fast-growing wild entangled cords, that appear to have no end or beginning that become coiled and almost impossible to unravel.

To create this Let’s Pause dreamcatcher Pedro uses a technique passed down from generation to generation: collecting the wild liana vines, then soaking them in water and shaping them into circular shapes. Once the vines are dried, he weaves the fique fibre cords through the ring frame.

Pedro considers the use of a certain type of fique fundamental to the process: one that has been naturally dyed with coffee used for making sackcloth. Pedro unravels the coffee-dyed sackcloth yarn and repurposes it to create these dreamcatchers in a wonderful example of “up-cycling” that we at Let’s Pause are so passionate about.





The final result is a decorative object of great natural beauty that will lend your home a handicraft ancestral addition. From Let’s Pause we recommend that you place it in the bedroom, close to your bed, in order to take full advantage of its spiritual properties.

Another great location for the dreamcatcher is the entrance or close to a window in the home: it will only allow good entry to enter and you’re friends and family will be delighted by its gorgeous looks.

The Unique Species collection features handmade pieces that our craftsman cannot make in large quantities. So, we commission limited edition and numbered series.

If you are still not familiar with how they work you can start with one and then see how you will want another.



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