How to create an organic style bedroom naturally: Tips and advice.

Discover the steps you need to follow in order to decorate your bedroom with a more organic and natural style . As well as choosing a suitable light fitting to match that unique ambience.

The bedroom is our refuge. A place where no matter what we should feel at home, comfortable, protected and calm. And, how do we manage that?

By decorating our inner most sanctum with a more organic, natural style, using materials and textures that reflect Mother Nature, in tones that help generate a sense of calm and a lighting that matches that ambience.

4 natural looks, 4 personal styles

1. Light flooded bedrooms

If your preference is for for a Mediterranean style decor where calmness, open plan space and light reign supreme then we recommend choosing pieces with lighter and more organic tones; the ideal materials would be  cane, esparto, poplar wood and woven fique fibres in raw white tones, in other words the same raw materials that we at Let’s Pause feature in our designs.

2. Sophisticated Bedrooms

The natural and organic style decór is also possible using darker tones. This approach helps create a more sophisticated and elegant bedroom, that can be complimented with lamps, headboards, diverse pieces of furniture and other accessories in anthracite grey colour tones, one of the most emblematic in Let’s Pause colour palette.

3. Rural chic bedrooms

For bedrooms with a marked country style then organic and natural elements should be centre stage. For this look the headboards are all important, as well as the choice of rugs, lamps and baskets in a variety of woven esparto, palm leaf, fique fibres in raw, natural finishes.

3. Warm décor bedrooms

Bedrooms that feature more earthy tone colours are especially warm and calming. Shades of brown for instance, feel like the room is hugging and protecting us.

To get the look then Let’s Pause can help, we recommend the COURO collection of lamps made by hand using vegetable leather; to accessorise we suggest headboards, rugs and lamps featuring fique fibres, hand woven, in tan and copper shades.

Lighting: critical for creating and complimenting natural décor  

We strongly recommend lamps that provide indirect light, a more tenuous lighting, with light bulbs that create a warmer illumination.

With Let’s Pause we offer a wide range of hand made designer lamps, that will provide your bedroom with a cosy ambience and a sensation of calm and peace.


In the following video Neus Iserte, a colour consultant with Crea Decora Recicla, gives us some tips and advice on how best to combine wall colours with Let’s Pause pieces

“To create an instant sensation of bedroom warmth, use an earthy tone.”



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