Let’s Pause named Best of Spain 2022 by Architectural Digest

In the October edition, the Spanish magazine Architectural Digest, a benchmark in the architecture, interior design and decoration sector, presented its Best of Spain selection: 34 design and art talents who triumphed in 2022 and whom the magazine wishes a very promising future in 2023.

Irreverent, nostalgic, pragmatic and slightly provocative, the AD special brings together different arts and crafts from the country’s most important creators, showing the variety of styles and sensations that define Spanish talent.


Let’s Pause stands out in the “Vernacular” category. Vernacular is what belongs to the house or the country, what is native, what is domestic. In our case, it is not about continuing with what exists because it exists, it is about asking ourselves why it has been perpetuated and giving a new meaning to ancient techniques and organic materials that nature ceases to serve and discards. It is the ability to see what is before our eyes to improve it, not necessarily to change it, with an eye toward redefining the future rather than mimicking the past.


“Giving value to the planet and what is born from it is what most represents Let’s Pause, a furniture, lighting and interior design firm that transforms crafts into contemporary design. Pieces with soul, handmade by artists from various countries with natural materials (such as the NUS lamps, woven with fique fibers from the Andes), through which they seek to recover and give new opportunities to forgotten traditions.”


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