Colino Colander. An environmentally friendly kitchen utensil

Made with 100% vegetable fibres Colino is the perfect alternative for draining pasta, vegetables and rice as well as giving back to the planet

Avoiding the use of steel and aluminium in the kitchen is not always easy. These are hard wearing materials used to create all sorts of utensils but it’s also true that their production impacts the environment greatly, little by little, we should be reducing our reliance on them.

At Let’s Pause our founding commitment to caring for the natural world is the reason why we came up with the Colino Colander: a wonderful option for starting on our journey to include more thoughtful and organic materials in our kitchens.

A hand crafted piece made from tropical cane

The Colino Colander is like a basket woven from fibres extracted from the tropical palm leaf typically found in South America; our craftspeople sew them together around a ring made of cane, also sourced from a palm tree.

These two materials combined make for a very strong colander that can withstand steam and is ideal for draining pasta, rice and vegetables as well as washing fruit or any other food.

A versatile and multi-purpose natural product

Thanks to its design and natural charming shape Colino can also be used as a fruit bowl, or to serve bread to guests or a decorative table centrepiece for special occasions.

What do you think? Click here to purchase and start looking after the planet from your kitchen.

And don’t forget the Colino Colander is one of our unique species: numbered limited edition pieces all made by hand in the 21st Century.

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