Ses Talaies Agroturismo

10 charming rooms in a natural environment in the north of Menorca full of history. Ses Talaies is a unique agrotourism in Menorca, modern style and careful design, using natural materials and craftsmanship to create an atmosphere of serenity and calm. The 10 rooms are located on the ground floor, occupying the former flock of the rustic property, and are surrounded by fruit trees, a generous garden and a field planted with olive trees. It has a swimming pool and a communal dining room-living room.The rooms have been dressed in natural materials, such as Zahara stairs, Ponza stools and Almadraba baskets from Let’s Pause. The dining room and meeting room is bathed in warm light from the Serena lamps and combined with Turqueta esparto seats.

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Agrotourism Hotel
2018, Minorca
Architecture & Interior Design: Ana Seguí Bosch
Let’s Pause Products: Turqueta armchairZaharaRiminiPonza StoolJaraAlmadravaBotel
Photo Credits: Cristina Luis Lozano @cristina_clphotos

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