House of Palms

The “Farmhouse of the Palms” Bed & Breakfast is run by 2 Flemish people, Frank and Veronique. After years of living busy lives, they decided to build a life without stress, less focus on materialism, in order to learn to enjoy the simplicity, tranquillity and the outdoors. The Portuguese Algarve region had it all, and they wanted to share it with their guests. The Due Sorelle cane lamps, preside over the rooms thanks to the magical light they provide, the Izmir esparto rugs and the Caneiros esparto curtains, are some of the Let’s Pause pieces chosen by the owners of this charming hotel.

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Agrotourism Hotel
2014, Portugal
Let’s Pause Products: Turqueta armchairDue SorelleIzmirCaneiros

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