The environmentally and socially aware designer

Designer and pattern maker Ceci Ferrero, responsible for the Couro and Nus lamps by Let’s Pause shares her criteria when it comes to letting sustainability guide her projects in the following video presentation.

“The product designer has a commitment to the planet and the world, we are responsible for the materials that we use to construct objects,” explains Ferrero from her studio located in Vall d’en Bas (the Gerona region of Catalonia). The designer talks about values and responsibilities when coming up with sustainable and long lasting products. In Ceci’s case she works with found fabrics and natural materials that get up-cycled: much more involved than the usual recycling, exploiting the possibilities and beauty of the fibres.

Ferrero and Let’s Pause share the same respect for the natural environment and its materials, this meeting of minds brought about projects such as Couro.

The shades are made from the leaves of the American Palm, a leather coloured material that is durable and flexible. The simpler version of the shade is made with a single leaf that is unfolded and works like a netting around the light. The eight-leaf Couro with its sewn together leaves that drape from above, resembles a flower of a sculpture.

The designer is also the author of the Nus collection, shades made with sisal fibres knitted by hand into shades by women belonging to Andean communities. The vegetable yarn is worked into a mesh using the crochet technique like a lattice pattern through which the light creates suggestive shadows.

Both collections are made with natural fibres that grow in the wild and are only collected when ripe; they are then worked by hand, using age-old crafts following the contemporary designs of Ceci Ferrero. The final result; lamps made to last, that are timeless and evocative, nature’s leftovers made into designer objects.

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