Undisturbed dreams

Organic furniture & accessories for creating bedrooms with natural materials & textures

The bedroom is synonymous with rest, relaxation and intimacy, it’s a space that cradles and comforts us. At Let’s Pause we work with natural and organic materials to create furniture and accessories that lend warmth and beauty to our ‘nests’.


Hand in hand with traditional craftsmanship, in the pursuit of re-imagining key elements of classic bedrooms we present the headboard. Calm reigns supreme with a structure made from esparto which is one of our most cherished materials. This natural fibre lends texture and craft character to bedroom spaces.


We dress both beds and flooring. Rugs are another important part of our approach. In making them we have brought back traditional basket weaving techniques like capacho stitching (a technique used for making fruit baskets for olive mills, traditionally used to filter olive oil) as well as fique twine that allows for a finer stitching and smoother finish. These rugs invite taking your shoes off to feel their textures underfoot, and stimulate the circulation. We chose fique because of its raw colour, both bleached and natural tan tones, depending on the curing of the leaf, although we also offer models in anthracite grey and copper shades.


Light introduces nuances and textures. In the case of lamps with a cane and esparto grass lampshade, they create evocative plays of light and shadow both in their floor version and as a floor lamp. The fique lampshades, woven with crochet techniques, filter the light and favor an enveloping and elegant environment.


As well as esparto we also work with poplar wood, unvarnished with its knots intact, to ensure that each of our pieces is unique; we create bedrooms featuring headboards, shelving and other timber elements, expressed as minimal and organic forms. The final touch is provided by stools and benches, upholstered with a variety of weaving techniques, braided palm leaf and fique in four colour choices inspired by Mother Nature.


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