How to prepare a hot chocolate to warm the soul and delight the taste buds.

Need warming up? Discover the secret to making a delicate and delicious hot chocolate with the Let’s Pause Molaris cocoa whisk and 4 different flavours of drinking chocolate by Simón Coll.

This post is the perfect combination between gastronomy and décor; a love story between one of our unique species and a brand of chocolate with which we have a genuine affinity: Simón Coll, a brand that has been around for more than one hundred years and like us, has a strong connection with Mother Nature, authenticity and tradition.

Bean to Bar: the Let’s Pause spirit shared with Simón Coll

The taste for the organic, respect for nature and the cycle of the seasons, the selection of the best raw material, the search for production processes that respect these cycles, the essence of cocoa which translates to the optimum taste and richest aroma. The work methods of Simón Coll are also ours

And they allow us to see chocolate as the representation of the Let’s Pause spirit. That explains why we have chosen the brand to besy represent the love story between our Molaris cocoa whisk and its drinking chocolate.

The Molaris Whisk: Upcycling in its rawest state for the perfect afternoon

The Molaris cocoa whisk Molaris is 100% upcycling, at its finest, making use of an element that Mother Nature provides: it’s made using the fruit of the Magnolia tree which grows in Colombia, made according to the traditional process that craftsman Joaquín Blanco keeps alive in the heart of the tropical rainforest.

This particular piece is not only a decorative element of great beauty but also a useful tool that helps improve the flavour and texture of a good hot chocolate. Believe us when we tell you that it’ll become your best friend in the kitchen on a cold winter’s day.

The Recipe

Delicate, creamy, delicious and addictive. With the following recipe for hot chocolate winter afternoons will never be the same.

  1. Choose a convenient time, select the music and light a candle.

2. Pick out the Simón Coll chocolate bar that suits your mood; vanilla, cinnamon or something a little more daring with chili and pepper perhaps?

3. Heat the water or milk over a stove (use your favourite alternative if you prefer almond or other milk).

4. When hot enough add the desired amount of chocolate.

5. Keep stirring while the chocolate bar melts into the boiling liquid.

6. Then carefully using the Molaris whisk stir well until the mixture becomes creamy and frothy, you’ll be amazed at the results.

You can enjoy it on its own or, if you’re feeling really self-indulgent, add some marsh mellows with sprinkled cinnamon chocolate on top.

Recommended quantities depending on your mood. Enjoy!

There’s a recipe for every occasion

CHOOSE THE FLAVOUR: A small mug for an intense chocolate flavour

TRADITIONAL IS ALWAYS BEST: A medium sized mug for a moderate but creamy  chocolate texture

DAY TO DAY: A more liquid easy to drink version in a large mug

No matter how you prefer your chocolate it’s always good!

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