Hooked on organic upcycling: 4 natural hangers for celebrating the arrival of spring.

Presenting 4 different hangers and knobs, all handmade, using elements discarded by Mother Nature which Let’s Pause converts into designer objects.

Our love affair with upcycling is in full bloom, and we want to seize the opportunity to show off our spring clothes and accessories as part of our home décor. Perhaps a hat, a scarf, our shopping bag, a jacket… instead of keeping them in the closet or in a drawer, why not hang them in plain sight, within arm’s reach, that way they can help to create a very personal style in our home.

Sounds good? The starting point are the hangers then: here below we present four different useful options that will delight you, everyday reminding you of the great beauty of Mother Nature from which they come.


A sculptural piece that comes from the Magnolia tree

The Molaris hanger is made from the fruit of the magnolia tree that grows near Colombia’s cacao plantations. When the fruit is ripe it opens and falls to the ground, our craftsmen collect and work it transforming the fruit into a one-of designer piece that is noteworthy for its strength and durability. Its natural good looks and rustic charm lend wall hangars and door knobs an outdoorsy feel.


Simply elegant

The Meteora hanger evokes the summer essence of the Mediterranean: it’s made with branches of the oleander plant, very typical of the Mediterranean region. The branches are worked fresh from the plant when they are still malleable, once dry however they become very strong. This is the secret behind the hard-wearing yet elegant curved hangar.


A naturally occurring ivory that will surprise you

Did you know that there’s a type of ivory that’s not sourced from animal kingdom? The Gemma hanger is made from seeds that are naturally especially hard and are known as “vegan ivory”. Each of the pieces is completely unique which means they can create an artistic collage when assembled. They come in two finishes, one with the external skin and the other without: whichever you choose the result is naturally elegant.


When beauty comes for the earth

The Olivo hanger is made from the roots of the wild-olive tree, a native species that grows around the Mediterranean basin. Just like the other hangers each piece is unique, different textures and curved lines cover the surface etched by Mother Nature on this type of wood.

Some advice on decorating

The Olivo, Gemma and Molaris hangers can also be used as knobs on furniture, doors and wardrobes: they help create an holistic sensation with their spectacular attention to detail.

Did you know?

If at some point you decide to get rid of these hangers you can return them to Mother Nature where they will decompose back into the soil: because they are simply made from organic material with no added chemicals.

What do you think? Are you ready for upcycling?


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