Rustic Designer Armchairs, Resting Naturally

Let’s Pause chairs and armchairs have a timeless beauty and modern design. They are uniquely decorative, ideal for lending any space a rustic charm and elegance. But beyond their good looks our armchairs provide those fleeting moments of relaxation with some very special qualities: the scent of natural fibres, the carefully crafted comfort of man-made furniture elements, the tactile quality of the organic…Sitting down on these designs is a rare pleasure.


At Let’s Pause we are not only inspired by nature but it’s also our main source of raw materials. Take for instance our armchairs where Oleander, esparto grass, palm leaves and wood provide the basic materials we use which are transformed into unique designer pieces.

Oleander, for example, is the material we employ for our new Cabanna model as well as the Farfalla chair. It’s one of the most resistant and hardy plants found around the Mediterranean making it the ideal material to create woven baskets, and in this case, hard wearing and natural armchairs: at the end of its life, it can simply decompose and return to Mother Earth again.

butaca adelfa artesanal diseño salon hecho a mano habitacion decoracion rustica armchair sustainable handmade unique furniture


With its rounded and organic forms, the
Cabanna model is both an armchair as well
as a decorative element. Created by hand
from an untreated Oleander branch its
design makes it ideal for bedrooms, lounges,
living rooms or for sitting on porches. The
look recalls traditional pieces of furniture
that would be at home in a cabin or a hideaway, which inspired its name, a perfect fit.



Farfalla means “butterfly” in Italian. The shapes of the armrests for this model recall the wings of a butterfly which explains why we named it after this gorgeous insect.

The Farfalla Raw chair captures the very
essence of nature. It is also made with branches of the Oleander tree, without removing the bark, combining both comfort and style in equal measure: the chair transcends functional design to become a work of art that will elevate wherever the setting. No matter where it’s placed it will draw the eye thanks to its elegance and unique looks.



The Farfalla model is also available in a natural finish that takes on a lighter, more luminous appearance, as well as a darker colour, that looks stylishly elegant.


Turqueta is an armchair of cubic forms with a striking presence. It is structured around a solid frame of pine wood, covered with organic esparto grass that lends the chair a marked rustic character.

To create this unique coating, our artisans braid bundles of three or four strands of natural fibres, forming a braid or pleat of up to five cm in width. Through their expert hands, they join the braids together with great care, using
a wooden needle and plant fibre cord.



Lago is a modern looking armchair with a daring design. The seating element is a conical form, made from esparto grass featuring a braided technique, attached directly to a metal
structure. This original and eye-catching approach is also ergonomic, given its capacity of enveloping the person sitting in it, like a bowl that offers the freedom to recline and read comfortably, or just lose oneself in thought.

The fibres used to create our designer armchairs are organic and natural: we do not use any artificial treatments in our products, because our essence is wrapped up in our commitment to Moether Earth and its future inhabitants.

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