From the earth, back to the earth

Let’s Pause combiness clay and brass in the new Tanami lamp

Presenting a new piece, an addition to the Let’s Pause collection, a contemporary design table lamp that mixes two ancestral elements like clay and brass; inspired by the reddish tones of the Australian Tanami Desert.

After much research into vegetable fibres and timber in the development of different types of lamps we are now introducing clay which has been worked in its raw state; no dyes, no varnishing and no glazing: we have avoided all chemical treatments with the aim of returning it to the earth once its useful life as a
lamp is over, where it will decompose like any other biodegradable element. 

There’s something about clay that appeals to us, this rugged material which over history has served humanity well to fashion functional and decorative objects. The counterpoint to clay is brass, an amalgam of copper and zinc which has been used as ornament since ancient cultures till today; featured in the lamp shade, the shiny metallic finish adds to the luminance and lends the lamp a certain sophistication.

At Let’s Pause we celebrate organic materials and manufacturing processes that take their cues from the cycles of Mother Nature and mankind, above all else we value the crafts that allow us to create singular, one-off objects. With the clay base of the lamp the traces of the human hand are still visible, like a memory of the fingers that have shaped our pieces.

The Tanami lamp aims to provide a timeless light which explains its elemental form. The conical clay base and the semi-spherical brass shade create an elegant and warm lighting, available in two sizes, suitable for any style décor.

lamps, natural furniture, slowliving

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