Lámparas Nus: warm lighting for bedrooms

Today we are talking to the interior designer Lara Vallés about her unique approach to decorating mountain homes, projects that feature the Nus Lamps by Let’s Pause as a key decorative element.

Lara Vallés is the director of SpaceStage BCN studio with wide-ranging experience in decorating mountain homes, mostly working in the Catalan Pyrenees and Cerdanya.

Her innovation approach to projects and the fact that she is a genuine fan of the Let’s Pause Nus lamp collection are reason enough for us to sit down and talk to her and find out about her art and creativity:



Your projects stand out for their equally warm and contemporary style. What is your design philosophy when starting out on a new build home or refurbishment?

My objective is always to create a space that reflects the personality of the clients who commission me. When thinking about them I always try to create a modern interior but one that is also welcoming. To achieve that I put a lot of emphasis on the details: my projects are rich in customised elements within the spaces that help contribute towards a sensation of warmth a personal refuge.


What do you think? Want to bring magic into your bedroom?

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*The photographs of the bedrooms were taken by the magazine El Mueble, are property of RBA, and are protected by copyright.


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