Let’s Sew! Reusable cotton masks

Considering the overall situation here in Barcelona and all over Spain, we at Let’s Pause have dusted off our sewing machine and took advantage of some cotton leftovers to help producing washable masks.




We have followed this great video tutorial to make @tapaboques  by @bacardisusana  to easily create reusable cotton masks with an internal filter.

We are glad to be able to help with some useful craftwork during this huge health emergency and hope lots of people can still smile below the mask protection.
We wish that anybody that needs one could get a mask, specially professionals working in hospitals, pharmacies, groceries shops or in the streets. Like the nice friends from Farmacia Carlota Torres who are smiling for us in this picture!
If you have a sewing machine, have a look at the tutorial and you will be able to make as many  masks as you wish.
series of masks by Letspause
If, instead, you wish to receive one of our masks, please write to monica@letspause.es or call (+34)639308382 and we will send one cash on delivery.
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