Lighting Mediterranean cuisine

The Candela and Piropo restaurants belonging to the Grupo Belbo Collection, feature the Nus lamp, by Let’s Pause, for their interiors.

We love seeing how our furniture brings life to your spaces as well as how Let’s Pause objects are used within different interior design projects: in this case it’s our Nus lamp which was chosen by Dpoch Studio for the Candela and Piropo restaurants of the Belbo Collection group, in Barcelona and Madrid respectively.

Candela, like the other restaurants that belong to the group has a cuisine inspired by aromas of the Mediterranean and for its interior design each is individually crafted under a “galerist’s criterion”. 

“We are very focused on the details, in creating ambiences that envelop and are welcoming, we like that our designs are the backdrop to happy moments in life,” according to the Dpoch Studio. Several different landscapes have been created within the same restaurant interior; including smaller more intimate spaces that flow from one to the other; warm materials and planting help set the mood.

The crowning glory over the circular tables, washing light over the ceramic clad walls is Nus, the white version of the lamp. When Dpoch Studio first came across it the decision was made: “we saw it from the very start as something that would fit in perfectly with the project. Because of its beauty, delicate design and elegance. Quintessentially Mediterranean.”

Nus is a very special pendant light fitting. With a woven fique fibre shade, using the crochet technique, a plant sourced from the Andes and created by a community of local women, crafted by hand, turning Let’s Pause designs into real objects. The final result is natural and organic, like a plant based latticework (available in a selection of colours) throwing a warm, soft lighting. “Nus lends value to Candela,” in the words of Dpoch Studio: beauty and design to illuminate endless Mediterranean gastronomic feasts.

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