Our new collection of Maar lamps: organic beauty

Light your home with these fique vegetable fibre creations, woven by hand using the hand craft crotchet technique.

Crochet is an age-old traditional technique that requires skill and time to carry out and which machines are not capable of reproducing. The same is true of our new Maar line of lamps: they are woven and crafted by hand involving no industrial processing.

Fique fibre weave

Using age-old natural techniques, the loose and pure fibres of the fique plant leaf are extracted. With these fibres our craftspeople weave together the shades of the Maar lamps, combining the strength of the fibres with the slightly rounded organic forms of the crochet knot. The shades are sewn by hand to an aluminium structure which provides the form, creating a highly contemporary but nonetheless timeless designer lamp.

Organic forms inspired by Mother Nature

Mother Nature is not only a source of materials for Let’s Pause. She is also a font of inspiration with the creation of forms and fluid silhouettes that lend a sense of peace and calm. That explains how the Maar line of lamps recreate the shapes of rounded stones, for the Maar Stone model, and a more elongated droplet of water delicately in the balance as if time itself had stood still for the Maar Drop model.

Magical patterns of light and shade

These two threads and the crotchet stitching are combined to bring about a magical pattern of light and shade projected through a vegetable mesh. Both lamps throw off a warm illumination, tempered by the woven texture that is reflected onto walls and floors, in a subtle game of light projections.

Combine and contrast

Both models can be combined to create a sculptural lighting installation. Like the example shown here, that features the Maar Drop model placed directly over the Maar Stone model. As if drops of water were dripping onto the stones below.

And the versatility of Maar Stone allows for its use as a hanging lamp, or tabletop lamp or even a floor lamp.

In fact, both models adapt perfectly to open spaces, including hotel lobbies or entrance halls of architectural houses, or more intimate areas where they bring a sense of warmth and evoke a feeling of nature.

Available in 4 Let’s Pause colours

These shades are available in white dyed fibre, raw brown, copper and anthracite grey. These colours evoke the light of the soil, of stone and iron … and lend a cosy warmth and organic style to sophisticated settings whether they are turned on or off. The final result is a line of lamps that visually transform the rooms where they are suspended and spark the imagination, depending on the time of day: nature and golden landscapes by day; intimacy and mystery by night …

This is how the fique is harvested and worked by our local craftspeople:

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and flood your home with light and nature

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