Siesta? The art of living well

Taking a siesta is much more than just a biological need. Taking a siesta is about practicing an art, the art of living, of listening to one’s own body, of being fulfilled, of being, of reconnecting.

An age old practice

The siesta has been around for thousands of years, like the art of working esparto, wood or cord in order to produce hard wearing and comfortable furniture that also evokes a sense of nature. We’ve put together some tips for decorating your home using natural materials in contemporary designs: and like in all art there are some must-have elements that should be used to achieve beautiful ‘slow design’ results.



Creating the ideal corner for the siesta

We would recommend creating a dedicated corner of the home for resting and taking forty winks. Somewhere perhaps where there’s a breeze, with sounds of the outdoors like the sea or the forest leaves rustling. Choose a comfortable lounger, mountains of cushions and a natural fibre throw as a cover. Crafted and hand made elements to underline the natural and organic essence of a siesta.


Choosing a lounger or a daybed for outdoors. Better using natural materials.

Natural is always better. Not just because it puts us back in touch with nature but also because we are resting on hand made, lovingly crafted furniture designed for the porch or the terrace produced in a respectful process, understanding the imperfections of its fabric and materials as something beautiful.



The timber and seaweed cord of the AMOREIRA lounger perfectly combine beauty and comfort thanks to the natural fibre weave.

Carved from natural poplar wood, felled by hand, featuring slight imperfections, such as the different thicknesses of the legs.

The original knots of the wood are displayed, complimenting its natural design look.


If you are looking for a versatile lounger for a laid back reading spot before falling off into a refreshing siesta, the adjustable CALALUNA lounger, made with esparto, is another wonderful option. With its base timber structure Let’s Pause also offers outdoor grade mattresses in cotton that can be customised for additional comfort and design. They also have a protective removable cover for leaving them out under the elements instead of a covered porch or terrace.


If your preference is for a lighter piece of porch furniture the POSITANO  or individual AMALFI, daybed with backrest, lend a more Mediterranean look, both are made with hand cut poplar wood, and are wonderful examples of natural furniture.


If you would rather a more rustic design then our SIESTA daybed is the best option. Made especially for enjoying forty winks or a ‘Siesta’ as it’s commonly known, the natural colour esparto fabric is a vegetable fibre which we at Let’s Pause weave and shape using craft techniques.


Choose the right outdoor decorative accessories

The perfect natural look requires accessories that highlight the eco-friendly Mediterranean character of a space. We suggest dressing windows with CANEIROS, our hand woven esparto shutters. Or for protection from the summer sun together with a crafted sun umbrella SONSAURA, made with a timber upright and metal base. All you could possibly need for the total ‘green design’ summer.


Let’s Pause. Let’s enjoy Siesta. 


Natural Handmade Furniture

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