A country get-away in Formentera

Olga Gimeno refurbishment using Let’s Pause furniture pieces

An old country shed converted into a family home to enjoy the outdoor life
within the natural setting of Formentara (Balearic islands).

This beautiful refurb project by Olga Gimeno, interior designer and decorator with the Bona Nit practice was profiled in the Casas de campo no. #158 (Country houses) and features several different Let’s Pause pieces that lend it a striking character.

The refurbishment retains the same spirit of traditional construction and dry stone architecture; the lime washed walls and all the elements chosen to decorate the house help create this rustic, country air that evokes a Mediterranean ambience.

 The entrance porch welcomes visitors with the Ponza stools made from poplar wood and palm leaves, together with the Borely garland, lights with hand woven cane shades creating a festive mood. In one corner we can just about make out the curved silhouette of Due Sorelle: also made from cane in a design that recalls a jug like shape. Also outside is a floor lamp with a Flauta shade, and a Calaluna longer made from esparto.

The Ponza bench in the hall compliments decorative elements sourced from Turkey and Morocco. The dining area has a Barbaria lampshade hanging over the table, in pride of place; like a sort of inverted carry-all also made with esparto, this time using the capacho stitching technique. And the living room is provided with a Bajadilla coffee table fashioned from poplar wood that combine well with the Bona Nit brand cushions.

The Macarella hat could not be left out of the picture, especially for a project so connected with the outdoors. Our palm leaf sombrero is a classic, one of our first products and one which still best represents the spirit of Let’s Pause: outdoors, nature and that oh-so-important moment of reflection.

esparto, handcrafted lamps, natural furniture, slowliving

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