An Ode to Color and Handcrafted Lighting

The new Let’s Pause collection of hand-woven lighting draws inspiration from hummingbirds’ colourful feathers to breathe vibrant elegance into the most sophisticated rooms.


Nature is an infinite source of inspiration for Let’s Pause. The new collection of Colibrí hanging lamps, evolved from a powerful urge to seek out colour, which led us to pay homage to one of the most beautiful birds (“colibri” is hummingbird in Spanish).

Hummingbirds are high-energy birds that are a symbol of good luck and whose plumage combines a surprising blend of bright colours and exquisite elegance.





Hand-woven by our expert artisans, the Colibrí light fixtures evoke the uniqueness of this bird and the delicate mix of colours that reflect the different species found around the globe: ochre, brown, fuchsia, black, green, red, grey, blue, lilac, and more.


Colibrí lampshades are crafted in natural Fique fibre, crocheted in a moss stitch pattern. This unique type of stitch gives the lampshade a texture that mimics the plumage of the hummingbird, with its tiny overlapping feathers in a rainbow of colours.










We have combined a wide colour palette in the yarn to reproduce the subtle contrasts of the plumage when weaving, creating movement by combining bright, vibrant colours that bring a sense of vitality to the piece. The lampshades are available in three sizes and come in two different models that combine a range of colours and designs, depending on the species of hummingbird that inspired them.


The Colibrí collection fuses craftsmanship and design in a single piece. Natural yet modern aesthetics make it a highly versatile choice: it is perfect for open-plan hotel lobbies and contemporary architectural homes, as well as for more intimate, charming and private spaces.




In more open spaces, several pieces can be arranged in a cascade, just as if several hummingbirds were flitting together around the same flower.

Alternatively, Colibrí lamps can be installed in a bedroom, over a dining room table or in a cosy nook, adding a touch of warmth and a sense of being close to nature.

Our Colibrí light fixtures are organic and natural, because our commitment to the earth and to people’s future is at the heart of what we do.

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