Autumn planning


Five recommendations for styling the table during the autumn, naturally



Soon the summer will be ending and the days getting shorter, staying at home and preparing for winter is on our minds. To make everything ready Let’s Pause offers a collection of tableware accessories that allow for setting the scene through a range of warm shades and organic materials.

The Mayol plates, for instance come in sets of two, and are perfect for starters and desserts; they are hand made and are the ideal compliment for larger ceramic table pieces.
The Esquinzo trays, which come in different sizes, can be sued for serving drinks but are equally suitable as a table mat or even as a serving dish for some foods, like a cheese board or for cold cuts.

And finally we present these sets of cutlery Marmaris (two spoons, two knives, two forks) also made by hand and not suitable for dishwashers.

All these designs are made from walnut, one of the most hard wearing and valued woods used in making utensils. This highly refined and elegant material is being celebrated by Let’s Pause at the table this coming autumn.

For a more decorative approach to the table the Romeo & Julieta night lights, that can also be used as containers for either the table or the kitchen; the set of two classic shaped candelabras; and the container par excellence for the delicious Hidden Bones olives, made from tin and lending the table an incandescent radiance.

And to complete the table in warm and inviting tones we present two seating options: the Frades stool is made from poplar wood (for the structure) and hand woven fique fibres, for the seat; it’s both a chair and a side table for books, or plants. Also included amongst our selection of seating is the Farfalla armchair made from lengths of oleander and easily recognised thanks to its organic forms.

Our table will be set for autumn when it arrives!


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