NUS, rest without additives

There are certain sensations shared by all, independent of space and time: the smell of damp earth, the sound of the rain, the feel of warm sands under foot. NUS, the new collection by Let’s Pause, is inspired by all of the above which is translated into everyday objects for the home and contract projects.


NUS cushions and headboards are made using sisal, a vegetable fibre sourced from the fique plant which is a tropical species of cactus. It has been utilised by several cultures through history thanks to its hard wearing properties. What could be more appropriate then than to rediscover this fibre in the manufacture of cushions, headboards and other types of accessories for rest and sleep.


At Let’s Pause we want your moments of relaxation and sleep to be as relaxing as an invigorating siesta on the beach at the height of summer. We want to transport you back to memories of rounded river rocks, branches swaying in the breeze and the rustling of leaves. Which is also evoked by the tonal qualities of the collection, inspired by the colours found in nature that are so conducive to peace and calm: white, copper, anthracite grey and natural brown for cushions; and white, anthracite grey and natural brown in headboards (available in single and double bed sizes)


Because of its timeless design, NUS is a collection that combines perfectly with any style décor both rustic and other approaches where a contrast with other materials and tones are concerned. Just like in nature there’s no such thing as an unsuitable place for this collection.


Both designs, cushions and headboards, are woven using the knitting technique by expert hands that work from home, an option offered by Let’s Pause to allow our team to both work and look after their families. With Let’s Pause we conceive our products as an overall process from harvesting
the fibres to the final result.


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