Let’s Rest! Natural bedrooms for better sleep

Since ancient times, elements of natural origin have been used to achieve feelings of well-being and relaxation. For this reason, it is so important to introduce natural furniture and accessories into the bedroom, the room that is especially destined for our rest.

Let’s Pause furniture and accessories are handmade, using artisanal manufacturing techniques that respect the environment, from organic materials such as esparto, wood, sisal and other natural fibres. Their artisan and natural origin gives them beauty, freshness and uniqueness, sensations that these pieces spread in the environments where they are placed. Its organic shapes and soft tones will help you disconnect and rest better.


The earth tones of the new NUS collection, available in four shades of crocheted sisal, give a warm and welcoming touch to the bedroom. The combination of the headboard with the lamps and cushions creates a harmonious set that transmits peace and calm.



The poplar wood that we use to make the tables, benches and headboards is cut by hand to give life to furniture and accessories that, with their slight imperfections, provide warmth and invite you to rest.

Natural fibres are another element of decoration that reconnects us with nature, in a constant dialogue with the contemporary spaces we live in. Let’s Pause lets the smell of the countryside into your bedroom providing a fresh and natural look, thanks to different designs of rugs, lampshades, armchairs and headboards, made by hand in esparto, palm leaf, sisal, etc.



Let’s Pause proposals are designed for all types of spaces. An urban bedroom, with cement tones and neutral colours, a historic home, a room in a rural hotel or a beach apartment are perfect locations to introduce natural elements. Let’s Rest!



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