An alternative festive table

Natural colours and darker tones for a daring Let’s Pause Christmas table

In our minds eye if we imagine the colours most associated with Let’s Pause they include the natural raw tones of the materials we use in our designs: esparto, palm leaf, poplar wood and fique fibres in all their variations. These organic and natural colours not only represent us but we also love the warmth they add, which is another reason why we have chosen them for our Let’s Pause Christmas table. This time thinking ahead to the holidays, we want to suggest something more daring, a black Christmas table!

The organic table

We combine different elements of furniture and accessories to create a welcoming ambience in the dining room. The Farfalla chair is the perfect compliment for any dining table, made from oleander wood, its curved and fluid forms recall Art Nouveau design.

It can easily be combined with less formal style seating like the Frades timber bench made using poplar wood with a woven fique fibre seating. Both seating options exude a calming colour palette: the Rim lamp shade, made from hand woven esparto lends a deeper green hue and its fleck fringe crowns the table with a characterful and organic flourish.

We also provide different eating and serving utensils this holiday season, made from walnut wood, including the Mayol plates, the Marmaris eating utensils, the Menfis ladles, that match the Nisi fruit bowl, Romeo & Julieta table-top containers and the Candela candle holders made from beech wood.

Darker tones for a chicer table

For an alternative approach, to create a more sophisticated look and to surprise guests without straying too far from the Let’s Pause philosophy we have come up with a selection of our design pieces dyed black.

The Farfalla chair is now available in newly introduced darker tones (which always look elegant) as well as the Frades bench (both the wood and the fique fibres now come in black).

Another piece of furniture that is great for complimenting these colours is the Vieste stool, made using poplar timber with a palm leaf seat dyed black for this special occasion, available in two sizes.

Depending on how much space you have available we suggest including furniture accessories like the Dalyan ladder: that can work as a hangar, to drape magazines and if needed the metal Milo shelf can be attached for keeping books, plants or to keep mobile phones at hand while sleeping. The Acino candle-holders provide the finishing touch, made from recycled hand blown bottles that add an extra element of warmth and romantic ambience.

For the festive dining table we have Candela candle holders in dark colour tones and other table accessories in walnut (brown tones go with everything). Find an impacting centre piece or floral arrangement to add typical Christmas aromas to the setting, we recommend the Kea diffuser with its metallic sheen and reflective finish.

And voila, how about this black mise-en-scene for a designer Christmas table?

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