Many things matter to us. And we take them all to heart, with every step we take.


Design matters to us

All really efficient design comes from nature. We know that. That’s why we only work with talented designers who are inspired by beauty, with an acute awareness of the environment.

In order to come up with collections with soul, that are simple but infinitely versatile. Contemporary design with its roots in nature.

Nature matters to us

Esparto, fique, poplar wood, palm leaves… Nature is adaptable, hardy and generous

That’s why we are inspired by it and celebrate it. Each piece by Let’s Pause is created using natural materials, every item of furniture will revert to the Earth once its useful lifespan is over. That’s because we don’t add any chemical products during the production process.


People matter to us

Working conscientiously means respecting the rhythms of nature. And, in addition respecting the craftsmen and craftswomen with whom we work.

We adapt to their time frame, reconciling deadlines and quality, we value their work, and the hand made. Their age-old techniques featured within interiors, porches and terraces around the world, preserving their crafts. New opportunities for lost traditions.

We make that which is imperfect beautiful, that which is crafted into contemporary design. Our commitment is to provide beautiful and respectful design, caring for people and the planet along the way.

Let’s Pause.
Natural Handmade Furniture.