Assaonar, means to season… To put the finishing touch on something, making it mature through its culinary ingredients that it requires. Our name Assaona, comes from the Mallorcan verb ‘assaona’ (to season), and in Castilian Spanish sazonar. We are a gastrobeach club located only 5 minutes from the centre of Palma, we offer a unique space with a natural and elegant deco,nas the Ponza stools or the side table Bajadilla. With a personal and exclusive service that cannot be beaten it turns to be an oasis in the Balearic capital where the most modern gastronomy is dressed with traditional touches.


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Palma de Mallorca, 2018
Interior Design: Tarruella Trenchs Studio
Let’s Pause Products: ViesteBajadillaPonza
Photo Credits: David Vilanova

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