An old barn converted into a family home

Olga Gimeno rehabilitates a beautiful estate in Formentera with Let’s Pause furniture to enjoy the outdoors and the natural environment of the island. The interior designer and decorator of the Bona Nit studio has maintained in the reform the spirit of traditional construction and dry stone architecture, whitewashed walls and the elements chosen to dress the house, with a strong presence of natural materials, creating a rustic and mediterranean.

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Single Family Home
Formentera, 2020
Architecture & Interior Design: Olga Gimeno, Bonanit Studio
Let’s Pause Products: Ponza Stool, Borely Garland, Due Sorelle, Barbaria Pendant, Bajadilla, Flauta, Macarella
Photo Credits: Pepa Oromi Mundó @oromipepa

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