4 decorative lighting garlands for brightening up your life this summer

Summer evenings are for chatting, laughing, dreaming… With the Let’s Pause handmade outdoor lighting garlands those get-togethers shared with friends and loved ones take on a magical sensation: the feeling that no matter what you’ll never always remember special moments.


It’s that time of year for going outside. The spring/summer season brings with it the promise of dining al fresco in the garden, of endless parties in the fresh air, of family celebrations under a sheltered veranda. It’s a time for fixing up gardens, rooftops, courtyards and balconies, adding decorative lighting garlands a must have element for creating cosy and welcoming ambience.

Take a look at our four light garland options for providing a special light and adding a sophisticated country-style look to your nights spent under the stars. Perfect for decorating outdoor spaces of homes, restaurants, beach huts and stylish hotels.








The Bee model is a decorative light fitting in raw colour tones, its shade is made with palm-leaf rope hand woven and braided to resemble a rustic honeycomb.

The palm-leaf rope that we use is made by a skilful local herders: using only their hands they fashion the wild growing Palmettos leaves which they collect from the mountains, first by breaking them in half and then twisting them into a rope. And they do it without using knots, just through their skilful technique they convert the leaves into a sturdy cord that is then converted into shades.

Dimensions: 10 m of flat cable with 10 shades of 15 cm diam. and 15 cm in length.



An inverted basket, a hat filled with light… the Barbaria model is one of the most unusual garlands offered by Let’s Pause. The shade is made with hand-woven “esparto” grass combining braids with a hanging fringe that catches the breeze. The hypnotic movement of the fibres creates a game of light and shade that adds mystery to summer evenings.

Dimensions: the standard model includes 10 m of cable and 10 shades measuring 15x15x15 cm. But can be customised.







Borely is a closely woven garland in untreated cane. Its sturdy appearance and solid frame make it an ideal accessory for pergolas, timber decks and hanging off trees or anywhere else in the garden. The light is warm and suggestive, available in two dimensions.

Dimensions: Shade: 12x15x20 cm or 15x15x20 cm. The standard model includes 10 m of cable and 10 shades. But can also be made to measure.


The Kos model is perfect for adorning long tables in the great outdoors in natural settings. Woven from “esparto”, in a capacho stitch, it combines thicker and more translucent parts in equal measure, resembling rustic crochet with a marked visual character. The perfect choice for creating a sophisticated rural themed atmosphere.

Dimensions: 12x15x20 cm. The standard model includes 10 m of cable and 10 shades. But can be made to measure.








At Let’s Pause we literally think of everything. That’s why we’ve developed a metal attachment system that can be fixed to tables for supporting any of our garland models. Lighting tables with decorative and natural organic materials has never been this simple!

Dimensions: 2x2x103 cm.

Our decorative garlands are natural and organic: we don’t add any artificial treatment to our creations because the essence of Let’s Pause is our commitment to the Earth and the future of its inhabitants.

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