The forest comes inside the house

We want to share with you the beautiful residential project undertaken by Begoña and Berta Garrido from Estudio Sosters in Costa Brava, close to Girona, Spain. It is the refurbishment of a house surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, with impressive views of the sea.

One of the challenges of the project was to widen the existing windows and add extra ones so that the outside landscape would slip through the house. A selection of Let’s Pause baskets made with esparto and palm leaves bring a country touch to the different settings, enhancing the continuity between the natural environment and the interiors of the house. The coffee table SATUNA and the side table PATARA, both made of wood, reinforce the connection between the living room and the forest that can be appreciated through the surrounding windows.

SATUNA – Wood side table or bedside table.-110€-160€

PATARA – Wood table/bench.-280€

‘I want a house where I can get in and out freely, from everywhere’ was the main assignment from the owner to the architects and interior designers. The house is a holiday home for a family with four children and, as such, visits from friends and family are very frequent. This is why the possibility of coming in and out is such a relevant aspect of the interior design, to guarantee the comfort and functionality of the different spaces.

CALMA – Esparto lampshade.-120€-140€

It is for this reason that one of the key goals of the project was to harmonize the existing structure and study the paths so that most of the bedrooms had direct outdoor access. This was done through sliding doors, a sand colour palette on all the house walls and micro-cement floors.

GELIDA – Basquet with two leather handles
made from palm leaf.-150€
SALADA – Esparto shopping basket with two
handles and a wooden base.-110€

The outside terraces, located on different levels with sea views, have become extensions of the interior living room, with a sofa, couches, coffee tables, esparto lamps, rugs and puffs, to ensure maximum comfort.

The kitchen was made-to-measure by a carpenter and it is without a doubt the epicentre of the house. The stools VIESTE and PONZA contribute to the cozy and warm atmosphere of this space filled with natural light.

VIESTE – High stool with enea seat.-85€-90€
PONZA – Stool with enea seat.-50€

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