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At Let’s Pause we love to leave our clothes ready for the next day each night. We also like to expose the clothes and objects that accompany our day to day. The craze for storing everything in drawers is over!

The garments themselves have become part of the decoration and how it reflects our personality. At Let’s Pause we present you our proposals to organize your clothes and accessories through artisan pieces, made by hand with natural materials, with time and love. Coat racks, gallants and hangers that, in some cases, you can even use as a closet, to go to sleep surrounded by the accessories that accompany you during the day.

From the entrance of the home to the kitchen, the bedrooms or the bathroom, Let’s Pause presents a variety of practical and functional solutions to organize the home, elegant and organic elements, which will become essential, connecting your interiors with nature.

At Let’s Pause we offer you standing, wall and hanging coat racks, as well as small wall hangers or handmade hangers. Sculptural pieces or beautiful details capable of transforming a space. To provide that timeless and universal warmth that nature treasures. Picked up by Let’s Pause, and taken to your hands.

VEDRA is our most innovative proposal, large hanging shelves made of esparto grass and poplar wood, to dress the bedroom and other rooms with a sculptural piece and organic materials. This groundbreaking design brings elegance and personality to any interior, while offering multiple surfaces for ordering and storing clothes and other items. Hanging from the ceiling, it makes the space around it look spacious and uncluttered, conveying lightness.

Isn’t the branch of a tree a potential coat rack? GALHO shows us that it is. To find the ideal wood we have traveled to the Amazon, where this highly resistant species (GALHO supports up to 10 kg of weight) is harvested after the rainy season. The second part of the process is minimal, because there is no reason to change what already works. Therefore, we apply no varnishes, inks, or waxes. Only a meticulous manual work, respecting the original shapes of the wood as much as possible. Finally, and as a personal stamp, we have turned it around. GALHO is made to hang on the wall or on the ceiling, so that it works as a hypnotic design mobile that can rock in the space, just like one day it swayed in the breeze, being a branch.

The CHIOS and MARINHA wall hangers, the first in brass with a highly stylized aesthetic and the second in wood with an organic shape and texture, are an affordable, practical and highly decorative solution, as they allow you to create elegant compositions on the wall.

Letspause offers you different options of vertical or standing coat racks. BASTIAN is an elegant minimalist coat rack, handcrafted with iron and wood. It is available with or without a wooden bench, a highly recommended option for the hall.

BALEAL is a wooden gallant with a natural fiber seat, a horizontal bar and three small hangers, ideal for giving a natural touch to an entrance or a bedroom.

TABAL is an iron dresser with an essential and sophisticated design, which can be placed in any corner of the bedroom to organize the clothes you have just taken off or the ones you want to prepare for the next day.

For the bathroom or bedrooms, the SAGRES screen in hand-cut wood and leather is an elegant and natural solution for hanging towels, the bathrobe or other clothes.

Since all these pieces are visible, it is important to combine them with suitable hangers! MARATEO is our proposal of hangers made by hand and lined with natural fiber, which will give an organic and careful touch to your dressing area.

Lightweight, with simple, slim lines and handcrafted with natural materials, Let’s Pause coat racks and hangers are perfect for organizing any room and blend seamlessly into any type of space, be it contemporary, rustic or classic.


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