An environmentally friendly christmas with Let’s Pause

KEA – Steel Essence diffuseur.-35€

At Let’s Pause we celebrate Christmas with only natural and sustainable products that help create an ambience of warmth and welcome that is so typical of homes everywhere during this time of year. Our collection includes hand made pieces that combine the beauty of the material with the power of craft, of that which is created over time with love.

WILD TORTUGA – Palm-leaf Placemat -10€
NAXOS – Poplar wood spoon-16€

BALOS – Walnut wood chopping board.-35€-45€
LETTINO – Palm-leaf pet basket.-45€-55€

This Christmas we invite you to enjoy the peace and calm of the holidays by the fire, surrounded by the warmth of home, seated on a favourite armchair. We have enlisted the magic of wood, the warmth of natural fibres and the sensation of calm and tranquillity of neutral colour tones to make for an ‘eco’ holiday season. Our aim is to bring the beauty and simplicity of a house in the country to the city.

CORINTO – Palm-leaf carpet with two handles.-95€
MILO – Iron Shelf.-85€-115€
PIRA – Rush backpack with
leather handles.-75€

GALDANA – Wooden stair.-90€
BACKIE – Rush bicycle basket with
leather belt-95€

Amongst our furniture, decorative objects and other pieces you’ll find kitchen utensils made from untreated wood, decorative earthenware jars painted white and green, individual palm leaf place mats for the festive table …Not forgetting the range of woven baskets: a cozy enclosure for relaxing pets, a large hamper for holding recycling and a hook-on pannier basket for bicycles … Or perhaps fashion accessories like the crocheted bags made with natural dyes as well as unique vintage style backpacks made from reed. And for the home a wide selection of gift ideas to choose from: a moveable rug, a decorative ladder with a practical metal shelf, wooden and metal side tables, cane lamps and a beautiful mirror with an esparto frame.

PONIENTE – Side table with iron feet that can be used also as a tray.-190€
REDONDELA – Esparto Laundry or recycling basket with lid and internal structure of iron..-150€
CATALINA – Esparto mirror.-140€-180€

We offer gift ideas that combine perfectly with things found in the garden, winter colours and the romantic light of candles and fireplaces in order to create spaces filled with charm, stillness and warmth. We invite you to try different combinations using furniture and accessories mixed with natural decorative elements that are above all respectful to the environment, found elements from the garden or the countryside like fallen branches, pine
nuts, acorns or leaves that can be picked up along the way.

BODRUM – Side table with a large plate or tray in walnut wood with iron feet.-360€
BOGA – Rechargeable lamp with iron structure and cane lampshade.-330€
SERENA – Cane screen with iron feet and leather handle.-285€-295€

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