Summer…in the shade!

Summer is a season to enjoy outdoors, surrounded by nature. In Let’s Pause we love to enjoy the sea breeze, immerse ourselves in the warm caress of the sun on our skin, smell the characteristic scents of this time of year: the smell of the sea with its salty touch, the wild perfumes of the fields and forests, the fragrances that flowers emanate at dusk.


© FarmHouse of the Palms


To create shady areas in your garden or terrace, we have designed some customizable esparto blinds, easy to hang and adapt to any type of space. The esparto grass is a natural fiber that at Let’sPause we braid by hand without applying any protection treatment, neither varnish nor wax. This material can change colour over time, going from its original green colour to a more yellow hue, a process that is accelerated by exposure to the sun. Also, by wiping the curtains with a damp cloth, you will notice how you despise a pleasant wild smell.

Our customizable esparto blinds are designed to provide shade and freshness both in beach settings, in the city and in the countryside, where you will get the natural and relaxed feeling of a beach bar. In porch areas you will let the air circulate and you will gain privacy, turning the porch into one more room in the house.

We can also apply in a horizontal position with a ceiling effect to cover certain areas, achieving a functional and visually pleasing solution.

For removable shades, we offer you our SONSAURA esparto parasol, with a wooden pole and an iron base reinforced with cement inside.

You can combine it with the CALALUNA esparto sun loungers to create a fresh and beach-flavored chill-out area in the garden or around the pool.


Tumbona Calaluna y Sombrilla Sonsaura

© Lodemanuela , Estilismo@monicaklamburg


If what you like is moving, walking in the countryside or taking walks along the seashore, you cannot do without MACARELLA, our iconic palm leaf hat.

© Lodemanuela , Estilismo@monicaklamburg


Its wide brim and breathable natural fiber material are designed to provide a small portable oasis of shade and freshness.

© Luca Bynn


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