New Couro lamps by Let’s Pause: The leaves keep growing

Our iconic line of vegetable leather lamps includes some new designs: lighting and decorating your home with this unique material.

Back since we first began, at Let’s Pause we have always played around with the same idea: to create the same elegance and feel of leather but with a natural material. Thanks to the creativity of our craftswoman Ceci Ferrero and our passion for upcycling, we made our dream happen: we discovered Couro, the leaf of the American palm tree that falls to the ground after flowering.

Unique innovation

Working with this material we came up with the first COURO lamp collection which brought with it a new and exciting innovation to the world of décor: for the first time a collection of vegetable leather was launched, a totally organic material not from animal sources, flexible and surprisingly translucent.

Natural luxury

Couro provides us with chocolate-coloured light fittings, like luminous sculptures, made from a material that resembles aged skin. Elegant and fibrous pieces, providing indirect lighting that lend rooms a warm and delicate glowing atmosphere. Here below we present the latest pieces we have added to the collection:

COURO POD hanging lamps

The COURO POD lamp joins together six American palm leaves to create an  evocative light fitting. The seams of the sewn leaves are part of the design, lending the lamps a “skeletal” look, each one is different and unique, an organic composition. The rounded form and its dimensions (40 cm in height) lend the pieces great character and presence. Perfect for living rooms, dining areas and other commercial uses like in lobbies, hotels and even restaurants.

The COURO PENDANT hanging lamp

Smaller in size, the COURO Pendant lamp provides a more focused, accent light. It can brighten up a forgotten corner as a decorative pendant or several pendants can be lined up to add a feature fitting over a dining table, a counter or hotel lobby; Another trending option is to hang them over a night table in the bedroom.


The COURO Wall model is a wall sconce version of the Couro Pendant lamp. It’s identical in shape and size, ideally suited to creating a quiet reading area in a living room, or elsewhere. They could also be placed right next to the bedside, lending the bedroom an intimate and relaxing ambience.


The COURO Magnet model is also a wall sconce version with a magnet included and is designed for attaching to any iron surface (stairs, shelving, headboard…). It can create a feature wall effect with an indirect lighting or a light for reading, or to highlight an artwork.

Combine it with our BISPO decorative iron ladder to create a feature corner in an entrance hall, or the bedroom…


With the COURO Table model you can create playful decorative compositions: place several of them together at different heights (table, floor, and shelving versions)

to create a lighting installation adding an organic, natural decorative effect to any setting. Mónica, founder of Let’s Pause, explains more through this  Instagram post.

Interested in knowing more? Find our complete COURO collection here

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