Let’s Pause’s autumn-winter collection is dyed in earth colours; they are warm, elegant and connect us with nature

More and more we want the home to become a comforting refuge from uncertainty and external stress, a place where colors and textures convey warmth, comfort and, above all, connect us again with the earth.

To create serene and cozy atmospheres, Let’s Pause has designed the NUS collection, available in three earth tones, ideal for taking refuge in the warmth of the home. NUS is made up of lamps, cushions, headboards and rugs, made with fique fiber crocheted or knitted. The fique (Furcraea andina) is a plant with fleshy stalks, from which a hard, fine and shiny fiber is extracted to weave hammocks, nets and coffee bags. Let’s Pause’s expert artisans work the fibrous thread of the fique, turning it into decorative elements whose soft mesh preserves its original natural essence and tells the story of valued and respected women. The fique is extracted from the plant by a “combing” process that removes the outer part of the leaf and leaves only the fiber. Naturally, this fiber is white on the upper leaves, still young, and light brown on the lower ones, those that have already matured and almost touch the ground. These two natural colours, along with dark anthracite grey, dress the new Let’s Pause fall-winter collection.

White is a classic and timeless colour that brings light, clarity and optimism. Let’s Pause opts for a warm white, which brings us closer to the natural world with pearl, bone and ivory tones.

White hues provide light and a feeling of spaciousness and are an excellent resource to create serene and pleasant spaces, especially in small rooms.

Along with white, light brown is another totally natural shade from the Let’s Pause collection, a colour that diffuses a warm feeling in the environment, creating cosy rooms with a strong connection with the earth.

Light brown can be used alone, combined with white, or integrated with other earth tones to form a gradient in space.

Anthracite grey, similar to volcanic stone, is obtained by dyeing the white fibre of the fique and is an intense tone that provides a touch of sobriety, creating very stylish environments where calm and serenity reign.

Very close to black, anthracite grey is a dark but at the same time soft tone that shelters spaces and provides them with depth and texture.

The three shades of NUS combine perfectly with wood, one of the finishes most linked to the earth and with a strong presence in the Let’s Pause catalogue. The firm proposes stools, ladders and other furniture in natural wood or in died earth tones to combine them with its natural fibre décor accessories.

Let’s Pause designs create spaces and atmospheres where the pace of time seems to slow down, to restore your balance and protect you from the fast pace of life in the city, so you can rest better.

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