Let’s Spread the Love. Furniture and accessories in love with the planet.

At Let’s Pause  we wish to start the year with a message of love. Love for the people we care for, but also love for nature, the earth and the planet where we live.


For each purchase made online you will receive a small gift: a biodegradable bag with seeds in it. They are not any seeds, as on their surface you will be able to observe the shape of a heart, perfectly-drawn during years of natural evolution. There is no trick, it’s just pure natural essence.

Letter with a seed


What if it was a secret message sent to humanity?

What if it was trying to tell us that we should reconnect with Nature?

The instructions of use are very simple: open, plant, water and let it marvel you. Once you plant this surprising seed, it will produce a creeper of thick green vines
with a delicate white flower and paper like pods. Within the pods, once dried, the cycle continues with the seeds and their heart shaped motif, which in turn can be given to friends and loved ones. Let’s Spread the Love.


Seeds and puffs

At Let’s Pause we want to give value to the gifts that we generously and spontaneously receive from Nature. For this reason, our furniture and decorative objects are inspired and created with extreme care and respect for the environment. We choose natural, untreated materials, as well as artisan manufacturing tecniques that respect the time and wisdom of the craftsmen and women. Furthermore, we work to design objects that invite to a lifestyle change, in harmony with the rhythms and needs of the planet.

Sisal eco fibre handbags by Let's Pause

With our sisal handbags selection, all handcrafted with natural fibre, we want to actively fight for a drastic reduction in the consume of plastic bags. Every minute  1 million plastic bags are used in the world. About 10% of world plastic ends up in the ocean. 70% of it lies on the bottom of the sea, where it will never degrade. Only 5% of plastic bags are recycled  worldwide.

Nopla and thicker sisal eco fibre bags Let's Pause

Aren’t these enough good reasons to make an additiona effort? At Let’s Pause we invite you to always take a natural fibre bag with you, so as to avoid the use of disposable bags. Discover our proposals to build together a GREENer future…


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