Let’s Stay Home. The scent of the fields in your interiors.


This moment, in which we are experiencing an unprecedented global emergency and have been forced to radically alter our life habits, also offers us an opportunity for change and regeneration.


At Let’s Pause we believe that this crisis is destined to change our daily practices and our way of thinking, reinforcing the need for a sustainable lifestyle, based on values ​​such as simplicity, authenticity, calm, caring for people and the environment, which have defined our brand since its creation in 2012.


Now more than ever we invite you to enjoy our homes, the place that provides us with shelter, protection, where our experience of the world begins and the first social relationships are woven.


This spring, so different from the others, is the time to bring home the scent of the countryside and surround ourselves with simple and beautiful objects, rooted in nature and created by the expert hands of artisans who have managed to preserve ancient manual techniques over time.

To let your imagination run wild, we’ve selected some images from different rooms in the house that show how natural elements can blend with contemporary interiors to create a direct connection to nature.






In some cases, you just need to wipe with a damp cloth the esparto, cane or palm leaf surfaces of our furniture to fill the environment with the fresh scent of the fields and bushes.


Our wish is that the furniture and accessories of Let’s Pause find a place beyond fashions to become timeless elements of our house and of our day to day.

LETTINO - Cesto para la mascota en hoja de palma.


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