Taking a Pause with Puig-Mir architects: Cal’Andreu, local essence

The old masías or county houses represent an architectural legacy within the Catalan landscape, they remind us of a by-gone age and their survival depends on making them habitable today. With Ca l’Andreu, a masía that dates from the 15th Century located in Marina (Alella municipality), the Puig-Mir architectural practice came up with a double-refurbishment in order to create multi-functional accommodation as well as a private residence, following the premise of respecting the building’s origins with the least impact possible. Locally found materials inspired this project which is furnished with the Serena and Nus lamps as well as the Bodrum table, in walnut wood, by Let’s Pause.

How did the idea for Ca l’Andreu come about?

Ca l’Andreu is an original masía dating from the 15th Century. Back in 2011 the owners commissioned us with the complete refurbishment of the ground floor which was going to be let to visiting tourists, as well as a new type of meeting space for company events and experiences; at all times respecting the building’s heritage and with minimal environmental impact. They wanted an eco-masía that reflected their own values: sensitive to the land, as sustainable as practically possible; so we were delighted to get on board. Ca l’Andreu has views over the Mediterranean Sea in an extraordinary setting just 20 minutes from Barcelona city centre. Both the client as well as we ourselves, agreed that the character of the masía had to be highlighted and celebrated, respecting its origins and the found traditional materials: but with the best of modern comforts and under strict sustainable criteria.

After being very happy with the final results of the ground floor refurb the clients trusted us with the refurbishment of the first floor as a private living space for them which we recently completed and where we had the chance to incorporate some pieces from Let’s Pause.

Who is behind the Ca l’Andreu project?

The promoter of the Ca l’Andreu project is a family that is highly committed to the environmental and sustainable principles under the local economy umbrella. Their preference for simplicity and all things authentic in natural and local materials is completely in line with our own project values. All that matters is that which is essential, what cannot be done without.

Describe Ca l’Andreu in three concepts?

Sustainability, essential, proximity

How does the setting influence the design and structure of the masía?

The proximity to the Serralada de Marina mountain range park and its renowned “sauló” trails that are so typical of the area, together with the found hand made ceramic tiles, the south facing orientation and the Mediterranean light …it all came together to influence us with the selection of materials and the decision to make new openings and reorganise the plan.

What do Ca l’Andreu and Let’s Pause have in common?

Materials that smell of the countryside, the value of finding perfection in the ‘imperfection’ of its textures and colours, its calm and the love of Mother Nature.

What values do you think should the decorative elements represent?

In practicing our work we don’t differentiate between architecture, interior design and decoration. Everything is the result of the same thinking in order to come up with the desired ambience.

At Ca l’Andreu this course of action has been as simple as highlighting the local materials so that they age in a natural way with the passing of time. 

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